Canadians and LOOT wrap

After 2 extremely shifty days, i moved down 5 spots and gained 2 in the last day. LOOT ended and now I am back at home preparing for Florida, and the Block Party Tomorrow!!

Canadians Team Racing

After a long day of baking in the sun, LOOT USA (my team) won none of the races, while LOOT Canada won the overall team race. Tomorrow is the re-start up of fleet racing and looks to have good wind!

Canadian Nationals

After the first day, I sit in 13th, after a windy day of 20-25. i finally got a chance to go to starbucks and get internet, and so this may be my only time until LOOT is over.


finally after 2 heavy air days, a light wind day has to come. 5-10’s for today will hopefully help my recovery effort after dropping two spots yesterday.