Its been a few cold rainy days here in Cleveland, and the training is getting a little harder. Winds have been good, and it looks like there may be some sailing in this front tomorrow!

Its a 1st!!

After yesterdays extremely light wind, I was put in 4th after only 1 race. Than after a 3rd and a 7th, I was put in First for the USODA Layline Southeast Championship. I would again like to thank Layline and Mclaughlin for their help, and of course Marek and Juan for their help up to…


We are underway with the 2010 fall Time Bandit Campaign! Were now in West Virginia with the boat still in its place, luckily hasn’t moved 🙂

North Carolina Here I Come!

After a day of school and training, I am now packed and ready to go to NC tomorrow at 6 am! Kait is coming home at 12 and probably won’t be up until after I get up. The McLaughling is strapped to the roof, and ready to go! Southeasts… Here I Come!!


The winds look good today, might go out on the lake, with my McLaughlin. If not, I’ll just have to train on land. If I do go out, who wants to come?

1st day home!

I got home around 4 yesterday, and started working on the website. By the way, if you like it, leave a comment, I am constantly adding stuff! Today looks like LOTS of school work and training. Thanks again to Chris Herrera for making my workout!

Bow Down Training

Yesterday, I went to Gulliver prep to meet Chris Herrera, my trainer from Jaguar PT. I got to watch as he helped a Cardinals player train for the off season, and now we are going to try to get together a few weeks, and train. Flying home soon, Cleveland Here I Come!