Crushing weeks

After a week of sailing, I am going home again at 6 tonight! over the past week, I have gotten 9th in red at River Romp, had 6 days of sailing, (4 days non-stop) and sadly had a hard drive crash earlier this week. With the season fully under way, the training gets harder, and…

Back to river

now, I’m back in river for four days, then down to ft. Myers for River Romp, there were no races on sunday, so I was put in 90th, but would have been 7th with 15 total points.

ACC’s day 1

it was a very long day of no wind later in the afternoon, i had a 5th but with an ocs to destroy that, but the 10 did help. so today im in 90th… tomorrow better be awsome


winds are looking light for the 2010 Layline Southeasts, with a good 9 knots dieing today and an ok 12 for tomorrow may be the only racing we can get in. all the vendors are here and so are the competitors, skippers meeting at 0900 tomorrow.

Annapolis boat show

The boat show was light on boats, but heavy on big beautiful boats. Practice tomorrow in oxford, sounds like the switch is going to be turned off for wind for the weekend

Annapolis =)

an early start tomorrow for the 10 hour drive to Annapolis for the boat show, and ACC’s. Time Bandit’s being strapped to the roof tomorrow morning. Lets Go!!


After a long wet day on Flyer, We believe that we came in in 2nd, with first to finish. Going out tomorrow supposed to be 18-25 knots… wait for gps tracking!