The regatta is over after a 5th place on sunday. OCR started yesterday, my dad is down in miami and i am up in Fort Lauderdale looking for thinks to do. USNT starts friday! we have 4 kids stayng at our house for the three days before i head back home for a week on…

These days are getting more and more busy…

Today was a long day of school, IKEA, and workouts… it was all logged down by the 12 o’clock bed time after s hockey game last night! Tomorrow is wake up at 7, pilates at 8, than school and other stuff after that!


Finally after 3 days the team rave event ended yesterday and LYC 2 ended up 7 th. Mclaughlin video is coming along quite nicely. Sailing all week before boomerang

Team racing regatta

After a long day of drifting in the morning, and finally picked up in the afternoon for 6 races. LYC 2 ended up with 4 wins at 2 loses. We are in bravo for the last 2 races in this series.