F18 Worlds Day 4

Today was not the best day of the event, with finishes in the 20’s all day. All of the races were just about the same, having all the same problems in every race. We had boat speed issues upwind, and made bad tactical calls in the first race.

The starts were very good, being on the first row with good boat speed and pointing for all three races. But in the last race, we had a confrontation with another boat after they cam reaching into us a few boat lengths after the start. Our bow hit their boat and split the bow, letting water enter the hull. We protested them and kept racing, but we had very slow boat speed all race, still not knowing that we had water in the hull. At the end of the day, we had close to 5 gallons in the hull from the split bow.

The right side of the course was not nearly as favored as it was on earlier days of the event. We had to go to the left side all day to be able to make any gains. We didn’t pick up on that until the last race, which was our best race of the event. We will have to do more research for tomorrow so that we don’t make the same mistake as we did today.