F18 Worlds Day 5

Saturday was the final day of the F18 World Championships in Los Angles. It was extremely light, and we only got off one race, but it was a race to remember. I knew that with the light wind, we had to just go for a good start and good boat speed to be able to stay ahead. We started in the middle of the line, and started heading out to the left in a lift. We went out to close to the layline before the wind shifted back to the left, letting us tack away and start crossing the fleet. We rounded the top mark in 4th, and just kept grinding away on boats until we got to the next top mark in second. It was a big thing for me, but I did not let it get to my mind and just kept sailing fast. We held it until we got to the final beat up to the finish. I saw the fast, smart sailors heading out to the left, so I made the decision to tack away from the leaders, and the closest competition to us to protect the mass of the fleet. When we tacked back and started making our way to the finish, we had been passed by the boat in third, putting us in third. They got us by only half a boatlength, but it was still enough to let them beat us.