The Ultimate Goal and How To Get There!

Everyone knows that I am aiming to win the Olympic Gold Medal in the Mixed Multihull discipline at the Games in Rio!  Most of you know that I will stop at nothing to achieve my goal and that I have dedicated the next four years of my life to this one.  I also have some mid-term goals that I need to accomplish to make sure I am on my way and progressing at a pace that will put me on the podium in 2016.



In order to prove my metal to the competition, sponsors and frankly to myself; I have decided that I am going to train for and win the ISAF Youth World Championships in  Tavira, Portugal from 10-19 July 2014! Getting there in iteslf will be a feat as I will have to win the two qualifying regattas in the USA and this will require extensive training with a consistent partner.  That means that I have to find someone (who will not turn 18 before July 2014) that wants to train a minimum of 8 days per month (at least two long weekends each month) and hopefully more. Then be able to travel to Europe for a couple of regattas this summer before heading to Corpus in August for the first of the two US Qualifiers!

I know I can find someone who wants to sail catamarans, and I am sure that I will be able to find someone that wants to win Youth Worlds.  I am hoping that I can find someone that has the ability to work sailing and travel into their school life so we can make this a reality!

close racing in light air

Anyhow, in order for me to find the right person to sail with I have to sail a lot (continually improving my skills) and sail with everyone who is interested.  So I have made a schedule of when I am sailing which was pretty easy since I am doing school work online three days per week and pretty much sailing every weekend!  Here is my schedule:

Feb      11-14          Training in Clearwater for St Pete NOODS     F18
Feb      15-17          St. Pete NOOD regatta with Todd Riccardi     F18
Feb      22-25          Training in Miami                                              F16
March 1-4               US Sailing Team Practice in Miami                  F16
March 5-7               US Sailing Team Practice in Miami                  N17
March 8-11             Training in Miami                                              F16
March 15-18           Training in Clearwater                                      F16
March 23-27           Training in Lake Hartwell, GA                          F16
March 29-1 Apr      Spring Fever Regatta, GA                                  F16
April 5-8                  Training in Miami                                              F16
April 12                   Travel to Los Angeles – CISA Clinic                   F18
April 13-16             CISA Clinic in Long Beach California                F18
April 19-22             Training in Miami                                              F16
April 26-29             Training in Miami                                             F16

When I train in Clearwater, my coach Robbie Daniels provides housing for sailors and parents if needed along with his training camps.  I live in Miami and have several guest bedrooms so whenever people want to come train with me we have a complete setup to help keep travel costs as low as possible.

The European regattas I am planning on competing in are all in the F16.  They are Viper Euros (this is still being planned but they tell me it will be close in time and location to Worlds), German F16 Nationals and F16 Worlds (in Germany).  They are all in July, I am working on boats/transportation and housing.  These three events will bring together the top catamaran sailors in all of Europe and so it promises to be a great event to develop teamwork and competitive tactics while we strive for a podium in each of these three events.

After returning to the USA, The US F16 Nationals is at the end of July in Wisconsin which is a must attend event and then I plan to drive down to Corpus with my boat for a couple days of training before the US Sailing Youth Champs!  I am confident that after spending a couple weeks in Europe sailing against the top sailors in the world that we will be able to win at Youth Champs and then give us some focus for training in the fall to get ready for the second qualifier at Orange Bowl in 2013!

Sailing Catamarans is awesome!  I love getting out on the water and playing.  It is more fun than anything else I can imagine doing with my life… Come join me on the water for some exciting sailing this year!


Did you know that you can help me reach my goal of winning Olympic Gold in Rio?  Please consider donating as little as $10.00 as it will go a long way towards the Games! Thanks for your support!