Sarasota Sailfest Features High Performance Cats!

This next weekend sailors are hitting the waters of Sarasota for some fun at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron and their Sarasota Sailfest regatta.  Sarasota Sailfest

This is one of the FSA youth events, and the only one that offers a start for multihulls. Sarasota is a great place to sail, and they throw one heck of a party to boot! Because SSS is currently the only sailing facility to have club-owned high performance cats, they have a large number of youth that are sailing the boats and therefore have some of the stiffest competition anywhere in the state…really anywhere in the country! All of these reasons combined make Sarasota Sailfest the regatta to be at this weekend!

The staff at SSS are the most accommodating that I have ever experienced.  Last year I sailed at Gulfport the week before and after the regatta found out about cats at Sailfest so I drove my trailer over there late on Sunday afternoon and asked if I could leave it for the week.  Not only did they let me, they found a spot in their secured lot and moved it for me! They allow camping on site and like I said, they have a great party! It is the place to be…you should come.

You can still register online at regatta network.  I am registered and looking forward to sailing in their typical light breeze and tactical waters.