Sarasota, Clearwater and Gulfport

Ready for a trio of sailing in Sarasota, Clearwater and Gulfport coming up over the next week and a half!

Following my awesome experience in Los Angeles at the CISA Clinic this past week, I got to fly home on the redeye flight so I could take my FCAT’s for the rest of the school week. I am glad that is over. Now it is time to pack up and head to the West Coast…of Florida for a couple of weeks of intense training with my new crew for Youth Champs this summer!

To start the trip, I am heading to Sarasota, Florida to compete in the Sarasota Sailfest regatta this weekend.  This will be the first time Max and I will be on the boat together, so it is not a regatta I am looking to win (although that would be nice) but rather an event that will give us some time to be on the water together to get a feel for how we can work as a team on the boat.

After the regatta, Max and I will head up to Clearwater, Florida for few days of training on the Gulf of Mexico with my coach Robbie Daniels or Red Gear Racing.  Anyone who has read much of my blog knows that I started my multihull sailing with Robbie just over a year ago and have spent pretty much all of my time training with him. His guidance and support has lead me to the place I am today and I am looking forward to much more growth as I strove to become number 1 in the country and then the world! If you are thinking about giving catamarans a try, you should absolutely go to a training camp with Red Gear Racing. I promise it will get you started on the right path to success.RedGearRacing

After the week of training with Robbie, we are headed to Gulfport, Florida for their annual multihull regatta.  This is one of the regattas I sailed in last year and I am looking forward to getting back on the water to compete against a great group of friends. The regatta promises to be a lot of fun and will prove to give Max and I a great opportunity to see how much we have developed as a team over the week of training!

I am looking forward to sailing with Max.  We have an intense summer schedule to get us into our optimal performance for US Sailing Youth Champs in August and I think it is going to be a lot of fun and extremely rewarding as we work to become the top team in the Nation! I am sure you will see us on the water pretty much every day between now and Corpus!


US Sailing Development TeamSEAHARKEN