Rio Olympic Hopefuls Rock Miami in Style at Art Basel

Art Basel changes focus for young athletes.  When teen athletes Katie Flood and David Hein get on the water to train for the 2016 Olympics, they are focused, determined and highly driven to succeed in the aggressive and cut-throat sport of sailing. Occasionally, these young superstars climb out of the sea to enjoy the benefits of life in Miami at Art Basel!

Art Basel Miami

This past Monday, Katie and David did just that when the stormed the hotspot on South Beach for the beginning of The world famous Art Basel’s “Word” exhibit in the Lord Belfor Hotel. The team descended upon the art mecca for some time to enjoy the creativity of some of the worlds top artists, including Katie herself!

In addition to cutting it up above the waters on the International Nacra 17 circuit, at 17 years old Katie Flood is also an award winning artist. Her work was chosen to be displayed among the Word exhibit to an acclaimed group of art enthusiasts and collectors from around the globe as they begin to arrive for Art Basel running the following two weeks around Miami’s hottest areas.

Flood's art at Art Basel

Photo: Al Ricketts

Katie’s “Fish Head” art featured 4 works from the series by this young artist at Art Basel this week.  The creative influence came from an attempt to capture the crowds of Miami Beach and how individuals are tied to the sea.  Katie is one of only 10 Art Basel artists that are displayed at the Word exhibit in Lord Belfur 2013.

Katie uses her artistic abilities as a way to break free from the pressure and stress of sailing an Olympic campaign against the worlds top athletes, all vying for Gold in Rio during the 2016 Games.  The ability to mentally break away from the rigors of daily workouts, training on the water and video debriefs with US Sailing Team advisers and coaches give Katie the ability to continue her rigorous schedule and maintain focus as she completes her Senior year of high school in preparation for college.

Flood exhibits at Art Basel

Katie’s Artwork also helps the team to raise funds to cover the enormous expense of managing an elite level athletic training program with the end goal of winning Olympic Gold in 2016.  You can donate to the campaign at

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