Jaguar Therapeutics Signs as New Sponsor

Top sports medicine, training and physical therapy center Jaguar Therapeutics becomes the latest sponsor of our efforts to win Gold in Rio!

jaguar therapeutics

As athletes engaged in a full-time active campaign to literally become the best in the world, it is vital that we have a clear and easy to follow plan to develop our strength to maximize our potential in every venue we compete in. It is equally vital to follow a nutrition program that is designed to maintain our strength, give our bodies the ultimate in nutrition and keep our weight within our target range for the conditions we are sailing in from one venue to the next.  These critical components are easily provided by our newest sponsor Jaguar Therapeutics in Coconut Grove, Florida by their team of highly trained and actively monitored staff.  I am both excited by their support and thrilled that the professionals within the facility are focused on my success as an individual and as a competitive athlete engaged in an Olympic Campaign.

Jaguar Therapeutics also provides us with a physical maintenance program designed to help prevent common sailing related injuries and provide onsite and location physical therapy for both minor and serious injuries, helping us to quickly recover and continue along our path to Gold in Rio 2016.  Their staff of physical trainers, therapists, sports medicine professionals, dietary experts and specialists in sports psychology work together to develop a program that keep athletes…that keep us on the path to Gold and continually strengthening our performance and results between today and the Games in Rio 2016.

Jaguar Therapeutics on NACRA 17 Mainsail

“Chris Herrera and his team at Jaguar Therapeutics have been working with me since I first decided to pursue a championship level sailing program in the Optimist Dinghy when I was 11” states Athlete David Hein; “the focus that everyone at Jaguar has on the development of task specific strength and agility while maintaining strong injury prevention and immediate attention to all injuries is critical to my success as an elite-level athlete with the goal of Olympic Goal in my future.  Everyone at Jaguar is equally focused on my development and success and their dedication to my success through their support of my physical and financial goals is a huge step forward in the success of my campaign.”

Jaguar Therapeutics provides training, therapy, treatment and support services for success minded athletes in all areas of sport. They are the the Training and Therapy partner of the US Sailing Team and have developed training and support methodology that maximizes the strength and flexibility that are needed to be a competitive athlete at the top of the sport of sailing.  Their individual support of David Hein and his campaign for the Rio Games is a step forward for Chris and his team at Jaguar and provides David’s campaign with the needed services, financial support and connections to a network of companies and individuals that believe in the hard work and dedication of young and energetic athletes and the impact that they make on society as a whole.  This sponsorship is a pivotal relationship in the growth and strength of our campaign and will prove to move us forward as we look to win the US Olympic trials in 2016 and then Gold in Rio at the next Summer Games!

Jaguar Therapeutics is the single solution for athletes looking to move their game to the top level and I strongly recommend that anyone in the sport of sailing seek the advice and training support of Chris and his team online, on the phone and in person in their Miami training facility!