Jessica Claflin Joins FollowMeToRio Campaign for GOLD

Jessica Claflin knows where the Gold is in Rio and is determined to bring it home on the NACRA17.


Jessica Claflin

There are a lot of ways to define success in an Olympic Campaign. Some athletes sail a campaign simply to challenge themselves and to see how they compare to the top athletes in the country. Others have the objective of competing in the US Olympic trials and some want to become Olympians.  Jessica Claflin on the other hand has one simple and clear goal…one reason to campaign for the 2016 Olympic Games and that is to become the top sailor in the world and win Olympic Gold in Rio, and she will not let anything get in the way of accomplishing her goal!

Jessica Claflin knows all about setting lofty goals and accomplishing them. At 23 years old, Jessica has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University but that wasn’t quite enough for her so she went on to earn her Masters in  Fluid and Thermal Sciences just one year after earning her BS. Why push so hard, why complete a two plus year Graduate program in less than one year? The answer was simple to Claflin, she had her sights set on Gold in Rio 2016 and while her education is clearly important to her life and her future, she knew that she needed enough time before the US Olympic Trials to train and be able to be the top athlete in the country to win the Trials.

Having completed her education, Jessica Claflin set out to find a partner who had the vision, determination, time and dedication equal to hers. She had a long list of pedigreed athletes to consider, knowing that winning Gold would take a partnership that was well suited for hard work, long hours, complex and dynamic Jessica found the perfect match with David. Seperately the two had developed training plans, budgets, coaching requirements and travel needs and when they sat down to discuss a potential partnership in their campaign they realized that their planning was identical. As the two discussed the details of their goals and their raw desire to stop at nothing but success it became clear that together they have what it takes to make it happen!

Hein and Claflin training on Lake Erie

Jessica Claflin and David Hein are committed to achieving their goal of bringing Olympic Sailing Gold back to the USA in 2016. To accomplish this they have committed to a full-time training program that includes training on the water with top multihull sailing, tactical, physical and technical coaches from around the world and the addition of top athletes in the sport as training partners. Their schedule puts them in the gym 7 days a week and on the water 5-6 days each week along with confidential review of technical and tactical analysis and data provided by top resources around the globe.  The two of them will not let anything get in the way of their success…of bringing Olympic Gold to the USA in 2016.

Make sure to follow their progress here on and come out to watch them train in Newport and Miami this fall and winter. There isnt a more dedicated or driven team in the sport of sailing which gives Jessica Claflin and David Hein the advantage they need to accomplish their goal!  The team is supported by Jessica’s non-profit foundation, SailStrong2016 which is designed to motivate girls to stay focused, work hard and pursue education in math and science.