Company That Understands the Value of Persistence

Delta Lloyd is a company that many sailors know because of their long standing support of our sport, but what is the reason for their persistence in a sport that many ignore?




Sailing is a sport that requires dedication, perseverance, hard work and the persistence to continually improve if you want to be at the top. That is why sailors all over the world are focused, driven and are individuals that find a way to turn any situation into success. Dutch Insurance company Delta Lloyd understands that people who sail at all levels are people who have what it takes to make things happen in the world. They recently produced the video above as a commercial illustrating how their company can help you manage through good times and bad and end up with the best in the world…They used sailing to illustrate how difficult times turn into calm seas as long as you see it through to the end!

Sailing an Olympic Campaign is a challenge. To become the best in the USA and the best in the world we train 300 days a year.  300 days out of every 365 means that we are on the water, in the gym and with our trainers, coaches and advisors more than we sleep, more than we relax, more hours than most people work each day, week, month and year!  We do it because we have a dream, we have a goal and we are not going to let anything get in the way of us achieving what we know we will accomplish with hard work, dedication, focus and determination. We will do what we set out to do because we believe in ourselves, we believe in our mission and we believe as President Calvin Coolidge said “Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent”.

Persistence and Determination are Omnipotent

As you know, David Hein is a high school senior with plans on attending college after the 2016 Games and Jennifer holds a M.S. in Fluid Dynamics from Brown University which she will put to work as she begins her career following the Rio Games. Until they have reached their goal, and they return to the USA with Olympic Gold around their necks, this team is dedicated to doing everything necessary to accomplish that singular goal. They understand that persistence through the struggles of a campaign, and continued through the good times are what build character…what build champions. This team is well on their way.

As athletes pursuing Olympic dreams, this team is responsible for raising 100% of the funding they need to train, compete and win in Rio. Because they have youth on their side and proudly represent their generation, Jennifer and David have a unique perspective on raising the nearly $500,000 each year they need to be Olympic Champions. Even though they are actively training full-time, they are also working for the money they need to support their athletic ambitions with the same persistence they put into their training. This team is putting it all on the line, talking with companies on how they can provide value, insight and return on their efforts. The pair are making themselves icons of their generation and are working with companies to provide unique and highly visible solutions that benefit everyone involved. Jennifer and David are ready to actively promote companies products and services s spokesmodels, shooting commercials, making appearances at corporate, school, community and trade events.

Sure they are able to promote their “sponsors” on their boat, clothing, trailer, blog and social media outlets. They even have the ability to put your branding on their brand new Chevrolet Silverado as they traverse the highways of America transporting their equipment between training and racing venues across the country (see what we did there?). That exposure is invaluable but this team is taking it further to truly take their sport and the companies that are supporting their efforts into the highlight of their generation and to make sure that maximum value is returned for each company that partners with them to become the best of the best!

In the end this team is focused on their persistence and determined effort to become the best while promoting the brands who believe in their mission that hard work and unending effort always persevere and that belief is what will win Gold in Rio in 2016!


Are you a company that believes that Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence?  If so, take a look at our site and call David directly at 216-210-3598 to discuss how we can work together to build your brand through our work to win Olympic Gold in 2016!