What’s Going On and our Crowdfunding with Dreamfunda




 Cold Training in Newport and our Crowdfunding program.

David Hein is Crowdfunding crowdfunding on dreamfunda IMG_20140929_085506

Yesterday we went out in the foggy,light air on Newport Harbor in just under 5 knots of breeze. We spent about 1.5 hours on the water just to check it out but the current was ripping so we decided to head in and we barely made it back to shore! After we were derigged we went to Jen Popky’s to make a video for our crowdfunding site that will be up soon, to get money for a new boat. We’ll be training and competing in Europe starting in March and need a boat that is there and ready for us. This will save us a month of down time while the boat is being transported to Europe and another month while it is on it’s way back at the end of the summer.

Managing an Olympic campaign requires a lot of work. Sure the sailing and workouts are obvious and do take up a lot of our time, but we also have to plan our schedule, our travel and the logistics of getting us, our training partners, coaches, gear and boats to the right locations at the right time. Then there is the matter of paying for everything, and I can tell you that this piece takes up more time than you can imagine.  In fact, we spend as much and even more time fundraising as we do training.  It is simply a fact of life for athletes in the USA who want to be the best of the best!

We hold fundraisers in Cleveland, Newport and Miami but we also have to get creative with what we are doing to make ends meet so we have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Dreamfunda, which is a site that is dedicated to athletes and their pursuit of perfection in sport.  You can see our dreamfunda page and read why we are so focused on raising funds for our equipment right now. We are hoping that everyone that reads this page will click on the link to our crowdfunding campaign and then post links on your facebook and twitter accounts (and Pintrest too) so that we can get as much exposure as possible and our can reach our goal of having a new boat ordered before December. Your help of posting a link will do so much to help, I can’t even begin to describe how important it is that everyone do this for us.

Did you know that you can also donate money here on our site?

We are committed to winning a Gold Medal in Rio2016. Together David and I are both training full-time to make it happen. We are on the water, in the gym and riding our bikes to be in the best shape and to be the strongest competition at the ISAF World Cup regattas. Every minute we train we are getting better and so we are hopeful that our Crowdfunding programs will help us to meet our forecasted expenses so that we can stay focused on training, learning and becoming the strongest athletes we can be leading into the US Olympic Trials and the Rio Games in 2016.  Your donation helps us to have the equipment, travel, coaching and supplies we need to beat the best in the world and to come home with Olympic Gold!