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We love what we do and we are focused on winning Olympic Gold in 2016 but we need your help.


Even though we absolutely love what we are doing, I mean who wouldn’t love to be sailing in warm water with sunshine, wind and everything that goes along with that; but we are working hard to achieve our goal of winning Olympic Gold in Rio. Our training is expensive and I am not kidding.  Between equipment, travel, coaching and maintenance, we spend $1450.00 each and every day of the year. Yes, that is a lot of money but it is what is required to make it to the top and to be able to win in Olympic Sailing.

Olympic Gold in Sailing


Sailing at this level is a full-time gig.  We are on the water with coaches and training partners 5-6 days a week, busting our butts to be strong, smart and fast in all conditions. In order for us to pay for our campaign, we rely heavily on you to help us bring Olympic Gold home to the USA in 2016.  Will you help us with a $5.00 donation today?  You have no idea how much it will help us.

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If you can give more than $5.00 we would really appreciate it, and we will send you a token of our appreciation if you do.

Thanks for supporting Team FollowMeToRio in our quest for Olympic Gold!