David Hein is featured in FLVS Monthly Newsletter

David Hein is a full time high school student working towards academic excellence while focused on winning olympic Gold.


David lives an active and busy life for a high school senior.  Training for the 2016 Olympics is a full-time commitment and requires constant focus, hard work and often requires difficult decisions about life, schedules, friends and school.  While his dream of becoming an Olympian in 2016 is in the forefront of everything he does, David knows that his education is vital to his future.

To give him the ability to train for the US Olympic Trials while in high school, David Hein is enrolled in the Florida Virtual School as a full-time student in their online academy. His challenging academic schedule focused on preparing him for college and beyond is made possible by the flexible scheduling and distance learning opportunities provided by FLVS. Having teachers and staff that understand his hectic travel and training schedule who make themselves available to David at unorthodox times as he trains around the world is a huge advantage for this teenage athlete.

17 year old David Hein

In December 2014, David Hein is featured in the FLVS newsletter which is sent to every student, staff member and parent involved with the Florida Virtual School program.The full PDF article can be viewed at this link. FLVS Features David Dec_newsletter2014_

David is honored to be featured in the article and looks forward to graduation this spring as he continues to train for the Games in Rio.