Sailing World Cup Miami Preparations

Constantly training to be at our best for the Sailing World Cup Regatta in Miami

Competing against the best athletes in the world at the Sailing World Cup regattas means that there is no margin of error. You have to be ready to execute flawlessly, without thinking or questioning yourself or your teammate. You must be confident in your abilities, to know that you can make the moves and get yourself off the line cleanly and into the pressure before everyone else.  You have to be ready for inconsistent pressure and anticipate the mistakes your competition might make around the course.  You have to be at your best when the regatta starts and hold onto your top performance throughout the event. But most of all, you have to be having fun.

Jessica and I sail 300 days a year in our training and regatta schedule.  Every day we are focused on learning something, something that will get us a little bit faster or better or smoother so that when we get to the US Olympic Trials starting in a little over a year we will be on top of our game and ready to win. We arent focused on being the best right now, just better than we were yesterday. We don’t need to be #1 until it counts but we need to know that we are progressing and are making fewer mistakes every day.

Hein and Claflin training for World Cup regattas

To accomplish this, we sail in all of the Sailing World Cup regattas around the globe so we have exposure to all of the top athletes and are in the highest level competitive settings leading into the trials.  Our training includes sailing with some of the competition from other countries, sailing on our own and bringing in training partners to spar against as a way of measuring our progress. We also have a group of coaches we sail with to evaluate our performance and give us the direction we need to be performing at our best.  This week we are sailing with another US Sailing Team athlete from the skiff class to give us an outside perspective on our boathandling and movements across the boat. It is amazing how much you can learn when you have someone coaching who does things differently.

Our coaching, the coachboat charter, our food and maintenance for our training is all paid for through the contributions of our individual contributors like you. Anyone who donates $75 or more this month receives a custom made silk tie featuring our campaign logo.  Will you give to help us win at the Sailing World Cup regatta in Miami?


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Special thanks to our corporate sponsor, Jaguar Therapeutics for keeping us fit and in working order as we train an excessive amount throughout the year. Every American sailor should talk with Jaguar to get a workout program designed exclusively to give sailors the advantage in strength and flexibility required to be at the top of your class.