Importance of Being Focused on Sports Nutrition

If you are active at all you need to have a focus on sports nutrition

sports nutrition

I am not writing this article as an expert, or as a well educated individual on food or nutrition or healthy eating or even what is in food in general. I am a recent highschool graduate who just happens to spend the majority of my time in the gym and training rigorously for competition and I have learned a few things over the years about what my body needs. Plus, I wanted to write something different and maybe a bit edgy or a little funny for my Twitter followers.

Okay, the content of this article is not edgy, but you have to admit that the tweet you clicked on to get here did make you want to find out what in the heck I was writing about on this blog didn’t it?  So I guess the edge was all in the tweet. But here is what I know about one particular fruit and why I have a bunch of bananas sitting on my kitchen counter. Honestly, this is about all I know about sports nutrition…or all I am going to admit to right now.

Bananas in My Sports Nutrition Kitchen MiamiBananas are a fruit that grow on trees in highly tropical (and quite wet) regions of the world. Bananas are harvested by hand and shipped to the USA (and around the globe) in container ships designed to carry bananas exclusively.  Bananas are big business and a foundation of sports nutrition for this athlete and many top athletes in all sports. I am guessing many of you have a few sitting in your kitchen right now. Bananas are great because they are easy, quick, taste good and go with everything…plus they are cheap!

The first thing most people think of when they think bananas for sports nutrition is that they are full of Potassium, and that is simply because…well they are full of potassium. When you exercise your body loses potassium quickly and a lack of potassium can lead to muscle cramping and other issues thatDavid drinking a lifesized Jamba Juice effect your performance. A single banana can quickly replenish up to 10% of the daily amount you need and can keep you going while your’e active.

Bananas also have manganese and carbs, both are important when you are active and want to stay healthy with your sports nutrition. Another quality of a banana is that it contains only  110 calories, so if you are worried about your intake eating one of these right now won’t put you over the top.

Why am I really writing about bananas? The answer is simple. I have over 40,000 followers on my campaign Twitter account and they are important to me so I have to keep them both informed about my campaign and keep you all entertained a little bit when I can. Also my attempt at humor in the tweet you most likely clicked on is an effort to get the high-powered decision makers at influential brands (you know who you are…and thank you for reading this right now) to understand that I am more than just an athlete, but also an active member of my generational demographic who can create an audience and influence behavior (like getting you to read this article) and thus would be worth consideration of sponsoring my campaign and helping me win Olympic Gold while I help you extend your brand. David drinking bubble teaSeriously, you should pick up your phone and call me right now at 216-210-3598.

It’s okay, I may not be on the water and will probably answer your call if you dial 216-210-3598. If I am in the gym or on my boat and you leave a message (it is a really good idea to leave a message), I will call you back and we can talk. If you want to invite me to your offices, or want me to come address a group just let me know and I will turn on all my charm when I call back…but in order for me to be able to do that, you have to call me right now at 216-210-3598.

I really am somewhat into sports nutrition. It is an important factor in me staying healthy, being competitive and achieving my goals. Bananas, yes I do eat them and they do help but I rely on a professional in the field to help me understand what I should be eating and what I should avoid on a daily basis and during competition. What we eat does effect how we perform, how we think and even how we sleep so paying attention to your diet and if you are any type of athlete understanding sports nutrition is important.  Call me today and we can talk!