Moving Into Olympic Trials With Strong Sponsorship Potential

We are moving full-steam towards the Olympic Sailing Trials and have some tremendous sponsorship opportunities for your company right now!

After 1,482 days of dedicated focus on becoming an Olympic sailor for the United States in the 2016 Rio Games, we are now in the final stretch of our journey to realizing the success of our training, dedication and hard work. The USA Olympic Sailing Trials are coming up in January and February of 2016 and it is time to lay it all on the table…to put the throttle down and make it to the finish line!olympic Sailing Sponsorship

Over the last 4 years David Hein has been training full-time as the youngest athlete competing for the single place on the Olympic Sailing Team in the Mixed Multihull Discipline of the NACRA17 catamaran. David’s youth has been a huge advantage, giving him the ability to dedicate his days to training in the gym and on the water while a Highschool student at the Florida Virtual School. ¬†Currently a Freshman at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Hein will turn 19 on the second day of the Miami based Trials where one boat will earn the right to represent the USA at the Rio Games next summer.

David represents the upcoming generation who are proving to be motivated, strong-willed and dedicated to achieving success in their lives. This generation places a strong value on the experiences and opinions of their peers and through social media connections. David is in-tune with his generation and has an active following of fans through social media channels, this blog and in person as he trains throughout the USA over the duration of a year. His influence can benefit companies interested in a sponsorship position leading into the Olympic Trials next month.

Moving ahead with his training to be at peak performance for the events in Miami and Clearwater, Florida, David is raising funds required for his coaching, equipment, travel and training expenses between today and the culmination of the Trials in February. Limited sponsorship opportunities exist to give brands and companies ultimate exposure as David trains, lives and travels to the necessary venues. While traditional brand placement is provided to companies who support 100,000 twitter views for a single tweet followmetorio.comDavid’s training, exposure is based on sponsorship levels, but includes branding on his boat, sails, trailer and truck as well as mentions here on his active blog, on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where a single tweet gains exposure to over 100,000 of David’s fans across America (see the image left).

Exposure at this level in the sailing arena is unprescendented however David is making his Olympic Sailing Team Trials sponsorship opportunities available to your company at several different levels to make it easy and affordable for you to gain an advantage while supporting his training as he heads towards the Rio Games in 2016!

Whether you are looking for the ultimate branding opportunity of a Title Sponsorship position, or simply want the world to know you are supporting David’s Olympic efforts as a smaller level, you will receive exposure on his boat while racing and training, on his truck while transporting his equipment from one venue to the next and mentions in press interviews, online in this blog and through social media as he prepares for the Trials and competes in the two events that make up the Olympic Sailing Team Trials. Your exposure will be the best return on marketing budget ever.

The single Title Sponsor of Team FollowMeToRio’s Olympic Trials will have access to all available areas of the Mainsail (class restrictions on space prevent 100% utilization), predominant placement on the hulls of his racing boat, boat cover (used when stored and transported) trailer and truck. They will also be mentioned in 100% of the blog posts, in daily twitter, facebook, periscope and instagram posts. David will also make arrangements for the Title sponosor to have access to view racing at one of the Trials venues (limitations apply) and will present to guests in a casual format at a sponsor provided dinner during the event if requested. The cost of the title sponsorship for the Olympic Trials events is only $10,000 which will cover the cost of new sails to be used in these events. The Title sponsor will have the right of first refusal to continue to sponsor the team once they win the Trials and qualify for the 2016 Olympic Sailing TeamDavid Hein Under A Microscope.

Gold level sponsors will receive premier placement of branding on the hulls of David’s racing boat in addition to his trailer and truck. David will make daily Twitter and Instagram posts leading up to the trails and through the events with specific mentions of all Gold level sponsors and will receive mentions in articles written on this blog. Gold level sponsorship in limited in availability and costs only $5,000 which will help to offset the cost of coaching and related expenses leading up to the Trials.

Silver level sponsors will receive branding on the hulls or on the jib of David’s racing boat, on his trailer and truck and will receive weekly mentions in Twitter, Instagram and Periscope posts made through his training and competitions. You can become a Silver sponsor of Team Followmetorio for the duration of the Olympic Trials for only $2,500 which will be used to pay for equipment and maintenance required to have his boat in prime competition condition for the Trials.

Bronze level sponsors receive limited branding on David’s racing boat and on his truck and will receive blog and social media mentions leading up to the Trials and in recap reports following the events. Bronze level sponsorship is only $1,000 which will be used to pay for race entry fees, travel and expenses related to racing at the specific venues.

Branding placement will be made available to other companies on a “space available” basis, with small logo placement on a sail or hull for races and training associated with the US Olympic Sailing Trials. While this placement is not guaranteed as the space may be utilized for Gold-Silver-Bronze level sponsors, every attempt will be made to include each Branding partner on the hulls at all times. In addition, you will receive exposure on a blog listing indicating all companies who are supporting the team for the Olympic Team Trials events. The cost of branding placement for the Olympic Trials is only $500.

All Sponsors will receive the right to use imagery of David and the boat and will have the ability to contract with David for marketing appearances and for other marketing or promotion purposes.

All sponsorship placement is available on a first-come basis and acceptance is at the sole discretion of David Hein. To reserve your space today, call David at 216-210-3598 and email

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring David as he races in the USA Olympic Sailing Team Trials in January ad February and for following his exciting journey overall.  Be sure to add him on!

Individuals can donate money to David’s campaign here. or buy one of his t-shirts or sweatshirts!