Benefit from Team FollowMeToRio’s participation in Sailing World Cup Miami

If $1,000 could generate goodwill and bring tremendous long-term attention to your brand, would you look twice? Here is the opportunity to turn a small marketing investment with the sport of sailing  at the USA Olympic Trials, and help Team FollowMeToRio win Gold at the same time!


David Hein sailingAmerica has it roots tied to sailing…Think about this for a minute, Christopher Columbus landed his sailboat in the new world a few hundred years ago and as the result of that, your company both exists and is thriving today. Can you imagine what your life would be like today if sailing wasn’t a thing? We wouldn’t have the locomotive, the telephone, airplanes…Heck, if it weren’t for American Bob Dole, we wouldn’t even have the internet if you can imagine that!

So it can be argued that the simple wind-powered sport of sailing has been responsible for both America and the way of life that we all enjoy today. I am not saying that this historical fact is why I am involved in this sport, but I have Hein sailing in Miami Olympic Class Regattadedicated my entire life to the pursuit of perfection in this sport.

I know that perfection is impossible, but the pursuit of it has taken me on an amazing journey over the last 11 years as you can read in depth here on this blog, and right now I am at a pinnacle of my career. Having spent the last 4 years training full-time for the Olympics in Rio, we are rapidly approaching the USA Olympic Sailing Team Trials for the NACRA17 (Mixed Multihull Discipline) catamaran racing. Leading into the Trials, I am training daily with top coaches, making refinements to my racing boat, replacing sails and focusing every ounce of my attention and effort to perform at my best at the two event Olympic Trials. I need your help to win and can provide you with a tremendous value for being a corporate BRONZE SPONSOR of the Olympic Trials for team FollowMeToRio.

As a Bronze Sponsor of our Olympic Trials, you will be one _AK13159-2of a handful of companies who will be highly promoted by leveraging our presence on this blog, in front of our 100,000+ fans on social media and on our boat for the duration of our training and racing at the Olympic Sailing Trials in both Miami and Clearwater, Florida this winter.  Here is the deal, we will take your logo, website or company name and promote it to our Twitter fans, on our Instagram, Facebook and Periscope accounts between now and the end of the Trials letting everyone know that you are a supporter of our dedicating, focus and drive to succeed. We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to making sure that everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) knows that you are helping us be prepared to win and that they should Snapshot2_001without a doubt patronize your company throughout the year! Need more? Read on…

In addition to being promoted all over social media and the Internet, we will also place your logo or marks on our hull so everyone watching can see you are important to us, to sailing and to America! Oh, I guess it is probably good to mention that we are the #1 most photographed boat on the World Cup circuit and obviously expect that to continue through the Olympic Trials given that one of the events is the World Cup event in Miami and the other is the NACRA17 World Championships in Clearwater. So given that little tidbit, you can count on the fact that your branding will appear in pictures that are plastered all over the Internet. You will even have access to many of those photos that you will be able to use in your marketing, on your own social media and anywhere else you see fit.

Miami Nacra 17So $1,000 dollars of your marketing budget may not be that big of a deal, but we are giving you bang for your buck
because $1,000 makes a huge impact on our training, our equipment and our ability to win the US Olympic Sailing Team Trials and move us onto Rio to win Gold in 2016!

Signing up is easy! Just fill out the donation form below (it will take you to Paypal to get the money to us) and call David directly at 216-210-3598 and your all set.  Don’t want to pay online, just call David and he can give you the details on how to mail a check, or how to meet up with him in Miami while training to hand deliver your much needed support!

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