Team HDsailing Takes on the Kentucky Oaks 2016 in style

Arielle and David Make First Public Appearance at Kentucky Oaks 2016

With the success of our social media, Delta Dental invited Team HDsailing out to the 2016 Kentucky Oaks and IMG_6609Unbridled Eve event. We were very delighted for this event and that means we finally get to get dressed up and show off a little! No life jackets or salty gear in sight…

Arielle arrived early to Kentucky so she can stop at one of her favorite distilleries, Bulleit, and do a little tour of the distillery. Afterwards, Arielle and David met up and got ready for the preVIP party in Louisville. This party was for all the VIPs of the Unbridled Eve event so we could all meet and have a little fun before the start of the Kentucky Oaks. At the party, we met some Louisville Cardinal basketball players and a retired jockey. We were so excited to be surrounded by other athletes that were very supportive of our determination to start a campaign for 2020.


After an exciting night, Team HDsailing woke up early and dressed to the nines, because it was Kentucky Oaks 2016 time! Arielle and David heading to Kentucky Oaks 2016 in LouisvilleWe grabbed a shuttle and were on our way to what was going to be one of the most exciting days of our lives. We get to Churchill Downs and we have to walk all the way to the back, we were first very curious where we had to go. We got ushered to the front of the lines and then to our own separate entrance, at that point we were definitely very curious to where they had us going. They put on our wristbands and then we realized why we were “so important”; the wristbands said ‘Skyview Terrace Millionaire’s Club’. After seeing that, our faces lit up! We get up to our Skyview Terrace and were in awe, nice AC room overlooking the finish line with a wonderful buffet of food. We definitely watch the races and of course a little people watching as well.


The room was set up for Kentucky Oaks 2016 with large tables that you could rent the seat or the whole table. Clearly it was just us IMG_6651two, so we had other people to share the table with. After an hour or two, a lady and gentleman joined us at the table…we had no idea what was in store next. They introduced themselves: Brooke Wiseman, the CEO of the nonprofit Blessings in a Backpack, and Dr. Nicolosi, famous contemporary artist.

We talked the whole entire time about paintings, sailing, what Blessings does for the Nation and then an idea generated. Team HDsailing would work with Blessings in a Backpack to take the children in need out sailing and teach them the ropes. We would hold multiple events, one at Arielle’s yacht club in Hampton where we can use Sonars as the sailing vessel and then in Jacksonville, where we can take the children out on the F18 for an exciting day of sailing. After an exciting discussion, we saw out of the corner of our eyes the actor, Diego Klattenhoff, from our favorite TV show, the Blacklist. We of course had to go get a picture with him immediately. We tracked him down, got our picture with him and even Arielle and David at Kentucky Oakschatted with him about sailing and the not so good water quality down in Rio. We were definitely so pumped after that moment. After that we met up with Nicolosi’s manager/husband and chatted some more about Team HDsailing’s campaign and of course got more pictures.

After a day full of horse racing, stories, inspiring events, celebrity run ins and pictures at Kentucky Oaks 2016 we all said our good byes until the evening…because it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready for the Unbridled Eve event.