Achieving New Height at Team EXOS

David Hein and Arielle Darrow take on new heights by accepting an invitation from Team EXOS, the most elite gym in the world, to train at their facility in Phoenix, AZ. EXOS teaches everything, from strength training, endurance training, HIIT and high-level sport-specific training. They also have a plethora of performance specialists, nutritionists, chefs and researchers; they also have facilities all over the United States.

David and Arielle arrived on their first day in Phoenix, AZ and were already thrown into the mix; they took a FMS (Functional unnamed-1Movement Screen) test, ultrasound to figure out fat/muscle ratio and then met with their nutritionist, Michelle. Michelle took the time to figure out a special meal plan that fits both David and Arielle’s personal needs and goals. She even went over what to do when they are stuck on the water all day with limited resources they can take out on the boat. Finally she went over Throne Research products. Throne Research partnered with EXOS back in 2014 to provide “distinctive, evidence-based nutritional supplements and educational programs to professional and elite athletes. This venture combined Thorne Research’s expertise in manufacturing high-quality, evidence-based supplements with EXOS’ recognized leadership in integrated performance training and nutrition.”

After learning a great deal about nutrition, vitamins and protein supplements, David and Arielle meet with Barlow, their performance specialist for the week. They already dove into the typical workout for the week. This meant they first started off foam rolling and then moved on to Movement Prep. This is not your average “warm up” by any means. It involves mini bands, ladders, med balls and stretches. Team HDsailing then moved onto the Main Workout. This was where they get the Olympic lifts and other exercises that work strength, balance and flexibility. After all that, the workout still is not complete! EXOS finished off the workout with 30 minutes of ESD (Energy Systems Development img_6913
aka cardio). Now this isn’y your typical cardio session of spin class. These 30 minutes you can find yourself on the now dreaded VersaClimber (mountain climber machine), the Woodway Curve, Keiser bikes or anything else their trainer Barlow wanted to throw at David and Arielle.

They thought finally the workout is complete after about an hour and half to two hour training session, David and Arielle thought wrong. Every day after their workout, they spent time in EXOS’ amazingly cold pool (about 54 degrees cold) for 2 minutes and then 2 minutes in the hot tub, then repeat about 3-4 times. Nothing is more exciting then trying to force yourself into this ice bath of death after just training for the past 2 hours!img_6843

This routine continued every day, except for Wednesday because that was Regen Day. This meant time for your body to recover and participate in active recovery with their trainer Barlow and then David and Arielle went for an hour yoga session with another trainer. All the athletes training at EXOS all come together on this day and recover together. Active recovery either meant stretching, foam rolling and stability building OR pool volleyball. Of course all the athletes choose pool volleyball. The catch with playing this game was you had to jump into the ice bath of death if you lost. Everyone in that pool was playing for the win for sure!

After a relaxing session of yoga, David and Arielle had the day to do whatever they want. So they decided to head out for the Grand Canyon. Arielle has never seen the Grand Canyon, so she was pumped! After an adventurous drive, David and Arielle made it! It was such an amazing site to see! They did not have much time to do any exploring, but it was just img_6883enough to marvel at it’s wonders.

Even though every day was the same, the workouts were always different and David and Arielle were always being challenged in new ways. EXOS even provided cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner that was based on the athlete’s diet plan and vitamins, supplements, pre workout supplements and a post workout shake every day. You can’t beat that at any training facility! David and Arielle are excited to take home the workouts that were constructed by the performance specialists tailored for sailing and train every day at home until they return in September. This week of training in Phoenix was one they will definitely not forget and they are looking forward to training there more often!