New Quad, New Boat and New Sponsorship Programs

We Are Flying Into Tokyo with Brand New Sponsorship Programs


The 2020 Olympic Games will be in Tokyo, Japan and will feature the brand new Foiling NACRA17 Mixed Multihull class. This change marks a huge change in the direction of Olympic sailing to focus on high speed, unrepresented action and a racecourse that is easy to follow while being the most complex and demanding in the sport of sailing. As we saw over the last 8 years of America’s Cup sailing, foiling multihulls are incredibly fast, energetic and compelling for everyone sailing and spectating. The Foiling NACRA17 Class ups the game even more.

Olympic NACRA17 Sponsorship

These boats have already demonstrated speeds 2-3 times the speed of the wind and have shown potential for even higher speeds both up and down wind. The boat is by far the most exciting, energetic and compelling Olympic class which means that there will be incredible exposure online and in traditional media for companies that engage in sponsorship arrangements with teams in the USA.  To support the changes and help bring new companies to the table in

Foiling NACRA17

support of our campaign to win Olympic Gold in 2020, we have created a brand new sponsorship program offering the highest level of exposure to supporters at a cost that has never before been explored by an Olympic Sailing Campaign.


For as little as $250, a company can gain exposure on our boat, trailers, vehicles and our sailing gear worn when we practice and when competing at leading venues around the USA and the globe over the next three years leading into the 2020 Games in Tokyo! You are reading this correctly, for as little as $250 your company can gain exposure, media coverage and a host of additional benefits from athletes David Hein and Arielle Darrow as they work non-stop to win Gold in Tokyo2020.

Corporate sponsorship opportunities start at only $250 and range up to full title sponsorship opportunities, giving your company exposure in the most exciting, dynamic and action packed Olympic sport ever conceived. For details on our programs and to get involved in supporting the success of our USA Olympic Sailing Campaign, you can call or email David today at 216-210-3598.