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David Hein, Jr.


David Hein FormalNot your typical teenager, David Hein is a driven, determined and focused young man that will stop at nothing to experience everything that life has to offer and accomplish his goal of becoming an Olympic Sailing Champion.

David started sailing competitively at the age of eight while in the summer sailing camp at The Cleveland Yachting Club.  Sailing his Optimist Dinghy, David quickly climbed the ranks at the club races and on the local circuit within Lake Erie.  David moved to Edgewater Yacht Club in Cleveland for a more focused racing perspective and then was asked to join the private Optimist racing team, LOOT. Where he spent two summers travelling around the North American continent with 9 other youth athletes and their coach to advance their competitive skills and making friends throughout the USA and Canada.

After qualifying for the US National Team and representing the USA in Europe, David decided to pick up his game and started sailing over the winter at Lauderdale Yacht Club in Florida.  Over his Opti career David Hein sailed his Optimist in more than 8 countries as part of the USNT and credits his love for the sport of sailing to his time competing in this class.

After outgrowing the Optimist at the age of 15, David began looking for his next challenge and after sailing in many boats decided that he wanted to train for the Olympics in the Mixed Multihull class and began sailing Viper F16’s and F18’s to prepare for this Olympic campaign in the Nacra 17.

David transferred from Colorado University to Jacksonville University, before the start of his sophomore year, so he can more easily continue training for 2020.

David Hein knows that his journey to become an Olympic Champion is an uphill battle and cherishes the opportunity to campaign for his goal while still in school. Understanding that hard work and focus is only the groundwork to move him towards his goal, David says he will do everything necessary to bring another gold medal to the USA in 2020. David is driven, determined, focused and ambitious.  These traits mixed with never ending hard work are what will give David the edge at the US Olympic Trials and the Games in Tokyo.

Over the current Olympic quadrennium David has set milestones that he will accomplish to continually keep himself and all of his fans and supporters focused on the achievements and opportunities along the way. Some of these milestones are:

Make the US Sailing Youth Development Team     (Accomplished January 2013)
Top American at the Nacra 17 World Championship
Sail in the ISAF Sailing World Cup regattas and achieve a World ranking in the top 10
Develop training partnerships with top coaches and teams from around the globe.
Win the US Olympic Trials
Win Gold in Tokyo 2020

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