Sponsor Team HDsailing is A Great Opportunity


Why is the idea of being a sponsor of HDsailing’s campaign a good idea?

The simple answer is because David and Arielle are young, energetic athletes who are uniquely driven and determined to win!  Everyone wants to be affiliated with successful athletes.  But there are other, more business oriented reasons to sponsor these youths ambitious road to Olympic victory…

David is a teenager…Everyone in marketing knows that the teenage demographic is powerful, influential  and strong in their spending abilities.  Below is information from http://www.statisticbrain.com/teenage-consumer-spending-statistics/ and why sponsor HDsailing is valuable for your business.

Teenage Consumer Spending Statistics Data
Total number of teens in the U.S. 25.6 Million
Total U.S. teen spending (Products bought by and for teens) $208.7 Billion
Total annual teen income in the U.S. $91.1 Billion
Average annual income of a 12-14 year old $2,167
Average annual income of a 15-17 year old $4,023
Annual amount of money families spend on teens for food, apparel, personal-care items, and entertainment $117.6 Billion
Percent of teens who have placed an online order in the past three months 26 %
Percent of teens who qualify themselves as “unemployed” 21 %
Percent of teens who would choose a new pair of shoes over 50 new mp3 downloads 75 %
Percent of teens who would choose a new pair of jeans over concert tickets 63 %
Percent of girls age 13-18 who bought 10 or more items of clothing in the past six months 41 %
Percent of girls age 13-18 who bought 5 to 9 items of clothing in the past six months 21 %
Teen Recession Spending Statistics
Percent of teens who are receiving the same or more spending money this year than last year 75%
Percent of girls who identified shopping as one of their “hobbies and activities” 80 %

So teenagers spend money. They spend more money on themselves more than any other age group and while they are acutely aware when they are being sold in a marketing message, they are highly influenced by high-profile successful teens in their behavior, their actions, their attitude and their buying habits.

Arielle is part of the millennial era…Everyone knows they are the hardest group to market to and they have the annual buying power of $200 billion. Therefore, this makes the millennials the most lucrative market. Most millennials rely on social media and blogs for an authentic look at the product and they expect their brands to give back to society.

David Hein and Arielle are focused, driven and determined to achieve their goals in life.  They also understand that to do so they need the support and encouragement of friends, family and businesses that want to see them succeed. David and Arielle are a member of the “media generation”, people that have spent their entire lives immersed in media through cellphones, the Internet and television.

Knowing that their generation is constantly connected, David and Arielle constantly share their activities, accomplishments and failures through text messaging and social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and online video sites like Youtube.  This gives them instant access to the vast majority of their peers and nearly every other consumer around the globe.  Sharing their thoughts, wardrobe, electronics and strong appreciation for the companies and individuals that sponsor the team and are making their entire campaign possible are instant, heartfelt and inspire viewers to feel the gratitude of their success. David and Arielle are also continually working to promote their supporters at events, corporate meetings and trade shows.

By sponsoring HDsailing’s campaign for the 2020 Olympics, companies will gain exposure to a highly influenced group of consumers that understand the value and commitment that they imparts on an entire generation!

Call David and Arielle right now and ask why you should consider sponsoring their campaign!
David’s cell phone number is 216-210-3598.
Arielle’s cell phone number is 757-409-0170.



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