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We are young and energetic athletes who are committed to one single objective…winning Olympic Gold in Tokyo 2020! There is nothing that we are going to let get in the way of our success…nothing. We sleep, eat, breathe and live our goal.  Everything we do is leading us one step closer to bring Olympic Sailing Gold back to the USA in 2020. It’s simple. It’s clear. It’s easy to understand. It’s achievable.IMG_5767

We are not business executives.  We are not sales pro’s. We are not highly connected or independently wealthy but we know that we need $1445.00 each and every day to pay for our equipment, our coaching, our training, competition and travel.  We are not sports agents and we do not have unlimited amounts of time to canvas endless corporations to convince you why sponsoring us or using us to represent your brand will produce a huge return and will ignite your advertising like nothing else in America.  We just know that we need to continually train to become the best and training costs money and you are our opportunity to pay our bills.

We have our youth, our energy, our ever growing social media fans, our exposure at events and plenty of space on our exciting boat, truck and on our bodies as we travel around the globe in pursuit of perfection in sport. We are basically a blank canvas and are yours to mould into what you need to promote your brand and give you exceptional exposure through our efforts.

Do you need event marketers?  We can do that!
Do you need spokes models? We are all over it!
HDsailing logoDo you need speakers at corporate events? We are well spoken and have an intriguing and motivational story to tell!
Do you want to see your logo or message on our sails as we fly across the waters while we train and compete towards the Olympic Games? We Got that!
Do you need someone to sweep your floors or empty the garbage cans at night? We are fast with a broom and a trash bag!

We have some pretty paperwork that we can send you talking about us, our campaign and the pre-packaged “sponsorship” levels we offer and are happy to share that with you if you are interested, but we are young and have a ton of energy and not really into putting everything into a predesigned category.  We are more like flexible, willing partners…we are creative, driven and motivated to do what it takes to make our dreams come true. Do you have some money you can give us to help us pay our bills and succeed? Do you need something unique or out of the box that no-one else is or has done before? Do you use models, or marketers or billboards or google ads or want to grow your twitter or anything?  We are totally open to working with you to create a synergistic solution for your marketing or branding or advertising or sponsorship program so that we can pay our coaches and be on the water training to be the best in the world.  If there is anything we can do that will help you while we are winning a Gold Medal, we want to talk to you and we WILL make it happen!

Give us a shot and when we come back to the USA with a Gold Medal, you will be part of our success and you will reap the rewards of your support for years to come! Take a look at our links below, or just call David right now and tell us that you want to talk about how we can help each other succeed!  We are all about making it happen.  David’s phone number is 216-210-3598.



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