Corporate Campaign Supporters

Companies that sponsor David Hein and Arielle Darrow’s bid for the USA’s single birth for the 2020 Summer Olympics are going to receive unprecedented exposure through their active social media involvement and his active work to gain local, national and international broadcast coverage on a consistent basis.

Have you seen David’s two 3+ minute interviews on the NBC news that ran during the coverage of the closing ceremonies in London and Sochi Games?  This was all accomplished before the team even had any real milestones on their journey towards Tokyo in 2020!  Imagine what the coverage will look like when they are winning events around the globe as Tokyo draws closer…

Your name in the spotlight!  Companies that support the campaign will be prominently listed here and everywhere else they will gain benefit during his campaign.




kaenon Serpentini Chevrolet Sponsors David Hein's campaign for Rio2016Buy photos from

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