Individual Campaign Contributors

In addition to corporate sponsors, people from our lives and many people we don’t even know are a major source for funding and why we are able to train and compete at the level we need to get us to win the US Olympic Trials and then win the Olympic Gold.  We can’t express in words how much we appreciate everyone’s contribution to our campaign!  We will bring home the Gold for you, each of you are all our hero.

If you would like to contribute to our campaign, please use the online credit card donation form at the bottom of this page, or you can mail a check to:

David Hein
21298 Endsley Avenue
Rocky River, OH 44116
United States

The following people have generously given to help make our campaign successful:
Jill Marcinick
Lynn Dixon
Lou Banjak
Mary Cook
Tina Cook
Colleen Cook
David Hein, Sr.
Serpentini Chevrolet
Kaitlin Laubscher
Lianne Dusek
Jim Eippert
Boatyard Photography
Don Horn
Megan Auzenbergs
Cathy Godenswager
Matt Hein
David and Kathy Sansone
Craig and Erin McDowell
Mark and Cindy Bacon
Denise Novak
Karen and John Kirk
Eileen Lonergan
Gena Prodan
Travis Weisleder
Steve Sherman
Buck McSweeney
Denise Novak
Maureen O’Boyle
Casey McMillen
Wayne McMillen
Nancy Morris
Suzanne Hoban
Jennifer Gibbons
Suzanne Larson
Kerry Ivkovic
Joseph Flammery
Sheila Flammery
Patricia Tilow
Mike Tilow
Michelle Edelbergs
Shari Cleveland
Anna Woisnet
Mary Ann Murphy
Christine Amato
Gunar Auzenbergs
Barb Petrus
Pam Rice
Jim Rice
Murphy Jacobs
MaryAnn Jacobs
Mary Jacobs
Kathy Jacobs
Cathy Godenswager
Sherri Kaczmarke
Paul Campbell
M. Alexander Diel
Bob DiVincenzo
Anita Williams
Cheryl Bendik
Daniel Wise
Kendall Elliott
Mayor Pam Bobst
Trish Tilow
Tom Webber
Carol Webber
Tom Woisnet
Jamei Rice
Jane O’Brien
Suzanne Hoban
Maureen O’Boyle
Lucy Hein
David L. Hein
Terry McSweeney
Lisa Wissman
Joe Wissman
Chris Hill
Ginger Hill
Craig Bohl
Cathie Bohl
Anne Hartman
Judy Hein
Barbara Petrus
Kathy Coady
Michelle Edelbergs
Christine Amato
Kathy Jacobs
Edgar Stehli
Kimberly Stehli
R. J. Votypka
Nick Stilpanovivh
Denise Novak
Nancy Morris
Mary Murphy
Tata Kerivan
Rose Lesiak
Bill Buckles
Anna Woisnet
Theresa Stalter
Elsa Paesani
Mike Harris
John Kinsley
Don Wadden
Deb Wadden
Joseph Fagnilli
Paul McGowan
Megan McGowan
Tom Mustnic
Tom Purdy
Clete Miller
Damon Troyan

Many others have donated anonymously to help us reach our campaign requirement of $1,445 each and every day. We are so grateful and when we win we will recognize you each with a personal token of our gratitude!

Gifts and Donations

Those interested in making a financial contribution over $500 to our campaign can make a tax-deductible donation through the Sailing Foundation of New York. The Foundation is organized as an IRC 501(c)(3), and your donation will be deductible for Federal and State income tax purposes. Individuals that donate to our campaign receive our undying gratitude as you are supporting us in reaching our goal of Olympic Gold. When we return from Tokyo, your support will not be forgotten!

Your Donation provides:

$240 a hotel room for one night
$650 rigging for one boat -lasts about 65 days
$100 coach boat fuel for one day of team training
$1,800 Spinnaker (replaced on average once per month)
$2,400 Mainsail (replaced on average every three months)
$1,000 Jib (replaced on average every three months)
$5,000 – a coach for one week
$45,000 a RIB for coach
$34,000 a boat Nacra (to stay in prime competitive condition boat must be replaced once per year)


Elite Supporter – $5000 +

  • Framed and Signed Photo
  • HDsailing Jacket
  • HDsailing T-Shirt
  • Recognition on Website
    David and Arielle will come and talk to your yacht club or organization about sailing at the elite level in this country

Campaign Supporter  – $1000 +

  • Framed and Signed Photo
  • HDsailing T-Shirt
  • Recognition on Website
  • David and Arielle will come and talk at your yacht club or organization provided you cover expenses

Supporter  – $100+

  • HDsailing T-Shirt
  • Recognition on Website

Team Member – Any Amount/Airline Miles

  • Recognition on Website


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