The Campaign

Arielle Darrow and David Hein are training for the 2020 Olympic Games in the sailing discipline of Mixed Multihull. Their campaign is destined for Gold.



Arielle Darrow is a Graduate of Old Dominion University with her B.S. in Biology and Secondary Education. David Hein is a sophomore at Jacksonville University. Together they are committed to spending the next four years focused exclusively on their Olympic Campaign to become the best in the world and to win Olympic Gold in 2020. Their focus is unmatched, their drive is admirable and their willingness to overcome any obstacle in the way of achieving their goal is down right impressive.

This team knows that life happens. While they are committed to their current campaign, they both fully understand that following the 2020 Games that life will continue and they will not have time for another shot at Olympic Gold.  The reality of their lives is that these two have one shot to make it happen and so they are giving it their all to see the top of the podium in Tokyo 2020.


Arielle and David understand there is no time to rest, there is no time to wait, the only way they are going to accomplish their objective is to keep their eye on the prize and push harder than anyone else is willing to go to make it happen. They live, eat, sleep and dream their training plan because they know above all that hard work, determination and focus are what it takes. The team knows that challenges will come along and that they will be faced with adversity throughout their campaign. Champions don’t live lives free of difficulties, they simply acknowledge that they are a fact of life, deal with them as they present themselves and continue to drive towards their goal. Arielle and David are living the dream and are well on their way to being recognized as the champions they truly are.

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